february 2019

Greetings, Lords of Chaos!

Here is the highly requested development update! We have a lot to share about the next game update, so let’s dive in!

Fortress Skins

Backed by popular demand, Fortress Skins will allow players to change their Fortress’s appearance on the world map! The system will launch with 5 skins (including the current Undivided appearance). Each skin will bring new buffs to your Fortress, these range from Ritual and Healing Speed, to Maximum Stamina and March Capacity.

The following skins will be available initially:

A new currency will be added for the players to collect and upgrade the power of the new Fortress Skins, this will be Daemonic Fulgurites.

Unit Balance

We’ve been listening to all your feedback about various unit strengths and weaknesses and we’re looking to increase the power of 6 different units in the next patch, but in the patches beyond we’ll continue to improve and balance other units and we’re also planning to improve a number of Warlords to bring them more into the meta.

Infernal and Legion Challenges

Two new types of Challenge will be coming to the game. Infernal Challenges will be extremely tough challenges which run for a short period of time, they focus on PvE targets such as gaining power or training troops and players can earn large numbers of renown units and huge amounts of Warpstone. The leaderboards in Infernal challenges are also game-w-ide, so you’ll be competing not just against players in your own region, but across all the regions of the Old World.

Legion Challenges are a new type of Alliance challenge in which the Alliance works together to gain each tier, rather than individually. Players will also be able to track which alliance members have contributed to the challenge via a new button in the challenge panel.

As well as this all challenges will now be moved to the improved reward tiers that you’ve seen on some challenges.

Healing Improvements

We’ve heard your feedback on healing, in the new update every level of the Sawbones has had it’s healing speed bonus increased and there’s a new type of Speed Up which only works on healing. These will be obtainable in new places and also for Chaos Shards.

Item Sets

We know some of you noticed the new item sets tab appear in the last update, Item Sets with set bonuses for collecting and equipping these items are coming. We’ve got 2 item sets in development, they are very close, so keep an eye out for them very soon.

Advanced Combat Breakdown

We’ve been working on a system for a while to allow players to see each turn of combat broken down into exactly who attacked who in a much more detailed way than the battle reports currently provide. We hope this will allow you more tactics and planning and every battle report will now include a button to see the breakdown, this will be available for both PvP and PvE army attacks.

All this will be coming to the game in around a month's time.

Future Updates

At this week's ‘Ask Us Anything’ we had a number of questions about the future, the immediate patches and priorities for the team after the next update will be; the Empire City Domination challenge rework, Server vs Server and a new special seasonal map event.

Altdorf is Defeated!?! What’s Next

Well this is a good question really, there are many other feeble races across the Old World which stand against the forces of Chaos, however with the Empire all but conquered, the Lord’s of Chaos have their eyes set on an ancient enemy. Here’s a sneak peek at something we’re working on for an entirely new region!

We’ll continue to listen to your feedback this year and make further improvements to the game!

Enjoy this free Stamina potion on us, and happy conquering!